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June 23, 2012
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Desert Adventures

Nothing like early-morning wake-up calls in Chinese to send us on our way to the desert. After a rocky bus ride (to say the least) we found ourselves at the first stop of our journey on the Silk Road. This … Continue reading

June 21, 2012
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Caves and Camels

Today we spent our final morning in Xi’an. We said goodbye to our talkative tour guide, Helen, and made it to the airport with just enough time to grab some Burger King and board the plane. We landed in Dunhuang … Continue reading

June 21, 2012
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We are in Dunhuang!

We made it to Dunhuang this afternoon, safe and sound. We immediately went to the Mogao caves, had dinner, and then did an epic camel ride in the desert. We checked in to our hotel well after 10 pm. So, … Continue reading

May 29, 2012
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Mogao Caves – Dunhuang

One of the most important stops we will make on the trip will be the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang. It would be helpful for you to read the National Geographic article on these famous caves. The article is called “Caves … Continue reading

April 20, 2012
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Yangguan Pass

  This is Yangguan Pass near Dunhuang, China. It was the “Southern Gate or Pass” of the Silk Road through which travelers passed on their way in and out of China. We will be visiting this place on the trip! … Continue reading