China 2012

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Lama Temple & Confucian Academy

After the Forbidden City, we went had a great lunch and were fueled and ready to make our next stop at the Llama Temple. We learned that this temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in China. We also learned that Buddhism is the largest religion in China; 97% of the population is Buddhist. This is interesting because the Communist government try to train the people to be atheist. There were many beautiful temples, and we saw people worshipping to different Buddhas at each one. There were also people burning incense for the Buddhas. In my opinion, the most amazing thing that we saw there was the “Buddha of the Future.” This Buddha is 26 meters tall and is made out of one large piece of wood. Next we arrived at the Confucian Academy. This is where scholars are trained in Confucianism. We saw huge tablets where names of the men who completed their studies were written. All of the buildings in both the Llama Temple and the Confucian Academy are magnificent in size and design. One neat thing that we saw at the Confucian Academy were red “plaques” hung on a fence that was around a statue. Parents write their children’s name on them so that they will have a good education. People are not allowed to touch the plaques or else the “lucky will be taken out of them.” Today was a very fun but long day of walking and we were all excited to get on to the bus to sleep on the ride back to the hotel. Once we arrived back, many of us ventured back out onto Wangfujing Street to continue bargaining. We all have lots of fun communicating with the vendors and buying souvenirs. – Kate

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