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Beijing Attractions

After a quick breakfast and Wi-Fi session in the hotel lobby, we began our day with a trip to the Great Wall of China. Needless to say, it was pretty awesome, despite the heat and steep inclines. The view from the top was incredible, and both of us received a great deal of attention from the locals, who took countless amounts of photographs featuring the two of us. One man even screamed “Obama!” as we walked past. We all managed to alleviate our fatigue and discomfort from the climb with the toboggan course we took to get back to the bottom of the mountain, which quickly turned into an extreme race track for our friends. This was followed by name-your-price bargaining at the local market and lunch.

After lunch, we went to Summer Palace, where we saw temples and went on a boat ride. It was crowded, and the two of us received even more attention than usual from the locals, who must not view staring and pointing as rude mannerisms. We ate dinner afterwards – the usual lazy Susan buffet. We passed the Olympic Stadium on the way back to the hotel, but unfortunately didn’t actually go inside.

We ended the night with shopping in the streets surrounding our hotel. By this time we had all gotten better at bargaining, and realized how easy it is to demand a specific price.

Overall, today was a good way to end our stay in Beijing. – Cami & Natesa

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