China 2012

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Terracotta Warriors!

Along with the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors are one of the most famous landmarks in China’s history, so it was absolutely amazing to see them in person! The entire tomb they were buried in was huge and though a lot of warriors had been destroyed or cracked from age, each one still had so much detail. All of the warriors were unique and there were an incredible amount of them and their horses. It was amazing to see just how massive the project was to create the warriors and to learn about why they were sculpted. Then after hearing the story of how the warriors were discovered we actually got to shake hands with the man who uncovered them on his farm!

Later on we went to a Muslim mosque and it was incredibly beautiful inside. All of the carvings on the wood and stone throughout the mosque were so intricate and lovely, though I was wearing a tank top so when I entered they gave me a scarf to cover my shoulders. Also it was really cool to see the prayer hall even though we couldn’t go inside it. We went shopping outside the mosque afterwards, though bartering was a little difficult because shop owners there were pretty stubborn. Over all today was awesome! – Mackenzie

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