China 2012

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Desert Adventures

Nothing like early-morning wake-up calls in Chinese to send us on our way to the desert. After a rocky bus ride (to say the least) we found ourselves at the first stop of our journey on the Silk Road. This stop was the Yangguan Pass. We found ourselves appreciating things like the beautiful landscapes of the desert and the lack of bugs biting our legs. In addition, shout-out to the Boss family; Susanne embraced her love for horses and rode a beautiful brown beauty like a professional in the desert. The second stop was the Yumen Pass, which is Dunhuang’s Great Wall, dating back to the Han dynasty thousands of years ago. Who would have thought that straw and rocks could protect from Mongolian attackers for so many years? By the end of our excursion the Heat came out triumphant twice, leaving many students hot and tired and capturing the NBA championship. We arrived back at the hotel, played a rousing game of poker chuck full of laughter, and watched yet another beautiful Chinese sunset over the desert. Tomorrow we will head to Shanghai to paint the city blue and white. From China with love, stay classy America, stay classy. Lots of love, Eddie & Neil

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