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Rain & Shopping in Shanghai

After a completely dry first 13 days in China, the rain gods announced their presence with gusto yesterday. It poured for most of the day, which curtailed our usual picture-taking frenzy (that’s why we have few to share this time). After a later start in the morning (the kids are getting tired!), we headed out to Xintiandi in Shanghai. This area illustrates in an interesting fashion the contrasts in China today. We first visited a museum in the building that hosted the founding of the Communist Party in China in 1921. The museum is a patriotic look at China’s revolutionary past. However, this museum is surrounded by a tribute to the new affluence of China under it’s new capitalist economic policies. Xintiandi is full of swank, elegant, and pricey shops, restaurants, bars, etc. that would be the envy of any similar setting in New York, Paris, or London. How things have changed!

After lunch, we headed for the old city in Shanghai for some last minute shopping. Despite the rain, the kids were eager to practice their bargaining skills and get final gifts for their loved ones and souvenirs for themselves. I have to say we have some determined shoppers in our group!

We had then a final farewell dinner and I offered a toast to the kids for being a real credit to their families and PDS over the past two weeks. They are a wonderful group of young people!

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