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First Impressions: Part 2


When I arrived in the Beijing airport, I have to admit that it was not at all what I expected. Everything that I’ve ever seen of China via photographs or videos, or even the news, has been crowds upon crowds of people, all packed together tightly with no room to breathe. However, in the airport, that wasn’t the case. There were barely any people and it was incredibly clean – again, not at all what I expected. We all got our things together, rubbed our sleepy eyes, and followed our guides to the bus that awaited us. After sitting on a plane for twelve hours, getting onto a bus to sit again might not sound ideal but it was actually nice. I could barely keep my eyes open or my legs moving and all that I wanted to do was sit again. Slowly, we drove through the traffic, weaving through cars and giant buses and tons of mopeds and bicycles. We arrived at the North Garden Hotel and then had to stand around for ten to twenty minutes as we checked in as a huge group, giving in our passports and anything else that was needed. It was incredibly stressful and all of my limbs felt numb and tired, and lying down was the only thing that I wanted to do. After an hour in our rooms, we went out to dinner. There was a lazy Susan on the table and they placed plate upon plate of food on there for us to eat – rice, chicken, soup, coca-cola, jasmine tea. It was delicious. We went back to the hotel promptly after eating and some people went out, and others went up to their rooms – Natalie and I were those people. We took our showers and fell asleep at seven! We were exhausted. Everything is so different here, and taking it all in really tires you out. – Becca

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