China 2012

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Tiananmen & the Forbidden City


After arriving in Beijing late last night, some of us went to Wangfujing Street to bargain and take in the culture.  However, it wasn’t until we reached the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City that it truly hit me: WE ARE IN CHINA.  Both these places were exactly how I pictured China would be: unbelievable architecture, and beautiful colors.  The Forbidden City was my favorite part of the day.   It was astonishing to look out and see the golden rooftops of red buildings stretching out across the landscape.  There were so many buildings and so many statues all dating back hundreds of years!  While walking through Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, there were so many Chinese people that would approach us to take pictures with them! It is so cool– everyone is so amazed when they see us, they’re snapping pictures left and right.   HI MOM, DAD, CODY, AND BAILEY!!!! – Colby

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