China 2012

Website for the PDS trip to China!


It is important for parents and students to discuss with their doctor their upcoming trip to China. All decisions on issues such as vaccinations, medications to be brought (prescription and over-the-counter), treatment plans, etc. should be made by parents in consultation with their doctor. Parents and students should discuss (in consultation with their doctor) what should be done in basic, simple situations (what if I get a cold? a headache? a stomach ache?).

Parents who wish to bring to our attention a particular medical issue should first contact the PDS school nurse, Carol Nicolas. PDS may require parents to fill out and sign a separate health form before departure for China.

While in China,┬ábasic hygiene, common sense, and prevention will be helpful in heading off potential health issues – drinking and using only bottled water, no ice in soft drinks, no food from food vendors or non-reliable sources, avoiding raw foods, use of hand sanitizer, etc.

Please review the CDC website entitled “Health Information for Travelers to China” (link).