China 2012

Website for the PDS trip to China!



The maximum weight for checked baggage in-country (domestic flights in China) is 44 pounds. We will be weighing your bag, If any overweight fees are incurred, students will be responsible to pay them.

Thus, pack light and leave room for souvenirs!

Things to Bring

  • backpack/daybag for carry on and daily use
  • money belt, secure pouch, purse or wallet – the chaperones will be holding on to the passports and visas
  • TSA-approved travel lock
  • luggage tag (with contact information)- the chaperones give each traveler a color-ribbon/marker for each of their travel bags
  • voltage adaptors – electronics (computer, digital camera charger, DVD player) will likely work with the use of an adapter to fit Chinese electrical sockets. They are widely available. You should research what type of adaptor is best suited for your electronic devices. 220-240V / 50Hz — China voltage. Note:¬†electrical devices (hair dryer, electric shaver, curling irons) will require a converter. Leave those devices at home!
  • travel alarm clock
  • journal


  • Think comfort for the plane – it’s a long ride!
  • It will be hot during the day – shorts and t-shirts should do; sundresses
  • Girls – reasonably modest dress – we are already going to draw some attention
  • Boys – appropriate t-shirts
  • We will be visiting different venues during the day (museums, outdoor sights, temples, camel-riding); keep that in mind and think practically.
  • Bring a light jacket – it may get cooler in Dunhuang
  • Basic items that can be worn multiple times; for the fashion-conscious – try to mix and match
  • Walking shoes you can trust
  • Rule of thumb (I wish I would follow): “Bring half of what you think you need”