China 2012

Website for the PDS trip to China!

Phones & Technology

  • parents and students can decide in the end if phones, laptops, iPads, etc. are to be brought on the trip
  • we don’t recommend that students bring laptops due to worries about breakage, theft, and ability to connect to the internet, etc.
  • availability of wireless or ethernet connections to the internet is difficult to predict in China and is not guaranteed
  • students are responsible for any costs involved with connecting to the internet (hotel fees, internet cafe fees, etc.)
  • if phones are brought, it is up to parents and students to investigate whether they will work in China and how much it might cost to operate them
  • if phones are brought, we recommend that they only be used in emergency or on rare occasion so as to not be an obstacle to fully experiencing the trip
  • chaperones cannot and will not be responsible for supervising students’ use of phones and technology