Into the Wild (Sort of)

“In sunshine Censer Peak breathes purple vapour,
Far off hangs the cataract, a stream upended;
Down it cascades a sheer three thousand feet –
As if the Silver River were falling from Heaven!”

Li Bai, “Watching the Waterfall at Lushan”

We made it to Guiyang a couple of days ago and it seems far away from the big cities of Beijing and Xian. Guiyang is in southwest China and is the capital of Guizhou province. It isn’t a small city (maybe 2 million people?) but it has a provincial feel to it. It is set in a very beautiful area of China, though Westerners don’t seem to visit that often.

We drove a couple of hours to a very picturesque area filled with many small hills, rivers, caves, and waterfalls.


We took an unexpected 2-3 hour hike through a magical landscape in a natural forest.


Then we went to the world’s fourth largest waterfall, Huanggoshu Waterfall.


We took a mammoth escalator (!) down and then back up. There was a cool path that led to a cave behind the waterfall. Here’s me and Ming, our wonderful Chinese scholar-escort, behind the fall:


We were also treated to a gorgeous rainbow!


The next day, we visited a huge cave called the Dragon’s Palace. We took a boat through its gigantic caverns. It’s hard to believe this area is not better known in the West.


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